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High-throughput cell biology is used to address biological questions that are otherwise unfeasible using conventional methods. High-throughput data generated in different fields including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics have opened a new era in drug discovery and are relevant to the fields of biology and chemistry. Here, in the Omics Training and Research Network (OMITREEN) we are trying to study the complexity of cellular life using computational biology (especially in the field of omics) and experimental methods. We are interested in making a collaborative environment to do the research and make it easy for others by introducing interactive training workshops. This group has been honored to collaborate with the University of Isfahan and Freiburg Galaxy Europe. We welcome your valuable research ideas and collaborations.

Our team

Alireza Heidari

Alireza Heidari

Bachelor of Science Student
Dr. Fariba Dehghanian

Dr. Fariba Dehghanian

Assistant Professor

Dr. Alireza Khanteymoori

Postdoc Researcher

Dr. Maryam Kay

Ph.D. Molecular Genetics

Shahriar Alavi

Palindrome CTO

Laleh Ebrahimi Ghahnavieh

Research Assistant

Niloofar Zarooni

Bachelor of ScienceStudent

AmirHossein Nagsh Nilchi

Master of Science Student

Omid Mokhtari

Bachelor of Science